We believe in delivering results that last for LIFE


We are a team of highly skilled physiotherapists with expertise in musculo-skeletal and sports conditions for both acute and chronic ailments. We have an extensive experience working with the athletes from recreational, amateur to elite levels of competition and from general population to geriatric. Our approach to treatment encompasses methods such as manual therapy (hands on therapy), dry needling, neural mobilisation, taping, and corrective exercises. Once you are pain-free, we use advanced physio strategies such as RNT, Core activation, Pilates rehab to help you return faster to a pre-injury activity level.

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At the PHYSIO we realize every indiviual`s problem is different which requires Individualized attention, we make this thought our priority and assess every individual in detail, following which a one on one custom-made treatment plan is made.

At the PHYSIO we provide all  high end facilities from therapeutic modality to high end fitness equipment,all under the same roof.The therapy and the Specialised training are supervised by expert Physiotherapists for efficient results.


The Physio was founded by Zubair khan in the year 2014, we moved to our new location in the year 2018.

It’s our vision to help every individual to attain their full potential ,that means helping you to get back to your pre-injury level or simply a healthier lifestyle by providing them with an integrated centre.

Our mission is simply to help you: GET WELL STAY WELL AND PERFORM WELL