Customized Clinical & Fitness Pilates Delivered by Physiotherapist - Test

Pilates is a unique form of exercise done on a mat and a reformer, we use both mat and reformer pilates to rehabilitate and train our clients.

Why Pilates with us

Our Pilates are focused on rehabilitation and prevention, your physiotherapist will do a detailed assessment and prescribe specific exercises targeting your problem area to ensure greater results

Pilates as Rehabilitation:

The reformer allows you to work on different planes of motion, for example if you’ve had a knee injury or a surgery and vertical loading is prohibited for some time, the horizontal plane enables the strengthening of your leg muscles through a larger range of motion using lighter resistance than your body weight, speeding up your recovery through controlled movement.

Pilates as Fitness and Sports Specific Training:

This exercises works on core stabilisation which is vital for any athlete to improve their body control, strength, endurance, flexibility and rectification of muscle imbalances.

Pilates classes are offered on a 1 to 1 basis (Personal) or Semi-private (3 people) in a class


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